PDC Order of Merit

The Order of Merit is the official Ranking system of the PDC. It is based on tournament earnings over a period of the past two seasons. The Order of Merit was first introduced in 2007. The ranking system is used for the seeding and/or qualification of players in the Premier events with the exception of the UK Open. From 2009 until 2013, Phil Taylor was the number one ranked player. Since 2014 however, Michael van Gerwen leads the Order of Merit.

The main advantage of using the Order of Merit lies in the fact that when a player has a bad year, his qualifying rights don't diminish right away. However it also takes new players and players that dropped from the rankings longer to earn a top spot. The PDC Order of Merit ranking system thus benefits consistency during the major tournaments such as the World Championship, Premier League and Open tournaments.

PDC Order of Merit Top 16

The Top 16 of the PDC Order of Merit are automatically qualified for all PDC Major tournaments
Michael van Gerwen; Mighty Mike   Netherlands(29)
PDC Ranking: 1; Red Dragon Ranking: 1
Michael van Gerwen is a professional darts player from the Netherlands, currently playingh in the PDC. In 2014 Might Mike became the youngest to player ever to win the World Championships. After this win he was also ranked number one in the...
Peter Wright; Snake Bite   Scotland(48)
PDC Ranking: 2; Red Dragon Ranking: 4
Scotsman Peter Wright always makes a colourfull appearance at the oche due to his wild hair style and eccentric clothes. Nevertheless, Wright or “Snakebite” has been in the top of the PDC for quite some years, although he almost never wins a...
Gary Anderson; The Flying Scotsman   Scotland(47)
PDC Ranking: 4; Red Dragon Ranking: 2
Gary Anderson is a Scottish darts player who reached and won the finals of the PDC world championship 2015 beating Phil Taylor (7 sets to 6). After a successful carreer in the BDO, Anderson switched to the PDC in 2009. Soon the “Flying Scotsman”...
Daryl Gurney; SuperChin   Northern Ireland(32)
PDC Ranking: 5; Red Dragon Ranking: 17
Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Career earnings: .756,950
Mensur Suljovic; The Gentle   Austria(46)
PDC Ranking: 6; Red Dragon Ranking: 8
Vienna, Austria
Career earnings: .1,003,117
Simon Whitlock; The Wizard   Australia(49)
PDC Ranking: 7; Red Dragon Ranking: 20
Long haired, goatie and the eyes of a maniac, professional darter Simon Whitlock from Australia is a remarkable appearance at the oche. During his long carreer Whitlock has made the switch from BDO to the PDC a few times. He has been very succesfull...
Dave Chisnall; Chizzy   England(38)
PDC Ranking: 8; Red Dragon Ranking: 22
“Chizzy” is one of the few players that has beaten Phil Taylor pre-2012. He knocked out the Power in the 2012 PDC world championship. Howver Chisnall lost to Andy Hamilton in the very next round.
Michael Smith; Bully Boy   England(28)
PDC Ranking: 9; Red Dragon Ranking: 3
Michael Smith's rise to fame came quickly when he beat Phil Taylor in a second round match of the 2014 World Championship. He finished in style with bull's eye for a 128 finish. Right after this match inexperienced Smith lost to Peter...
James Wade; The Machine   England(35)
PDC Ranking: 10; Red Dragon Ranking: 9
James Wade “The Machine” switched from the BDO to the PDC in 2004. Ever since, Wade has won the World Match Play (2007), The World Grand Prix (2007,2010), the Premier League in 2009, the UK Open in 2008 and 2011 and The Masters in 2014.
Ian White; Diamond   England(48)
PDC Ranking: 11; Red Dragon Ranking: 5
Ian White switched sides in 2010. Ever Since White has been a consistent force amongst the top players of the PDC. Although he has not won a PDC Major tournament yet, White won the Antwerp Open, Denmark Open and the English National Championship,...
Gerwyn Price; The Iceman   Wales(33)
PDC Ranking: 12; Red Dragon Ranking: 15
Career earnings: .573,553
Raymond van Barneveld; Barney   Netherlands(51)
PDC Ranking: 13; Red Dragon Ranking: 25
After winning four World Championships in the BDO, Raymond van Barneveld switched to the PDC. Immediately he won the 2007 PDC championship by beating Phil Taylor in the finals. Still this match (7-6 in sets) is one of the most memorable matches...
Darren Webster; Demolition Man   England(50)
PDC Ranking: 14; Red Dragon Ranking: 23
Norwich, England
Career earnings: .460,464
Joe Cullen; Rockstar   England(29)
PDC Ranking: 18; Red Dragon Ranking: 30
Bradford, England
Career earnings: .446,844
Adrian Lewis; Jackpot   England(33)
PDC Ranking: 16; Red Dragon Ranking: 10
Adrian Lewis (nickname: Jackpot) is a well decorated darts player from Stoke-on-Trent, England. Lewis made his PDC tv debut in 2004 during the UK Open. In 2011 Lewis became world champion by beating Gary Anderson in the finals (7-5). During...
Alan Norris; Chuck   England(46)
PDC Ranking: 17; Red Dragon Ranking: 114
Career earnings: .500,562

Outside Top 16

18Kim HuybrechtsBelgium£207,250
19Jelle KlaasenNetherlands£202,000
20Mervyn KingEngland£196,750
21Johnny ClaytonWales£194,750
22Stephen BuntingEngland£188,500
23Benito van de PasNetherlands£182,250
24Steve BeatonEngland£174,000
25Steve WestEngland£173,000
26Kyle AndersonAustralia£170,250
27John HendersonScotland£165,750
28James WilsonEngland£157,500
29Jamie LewisWales£152,000
30Cristo ReyesSpain£146,000
31Robert ThorntonScotland£144,750
32Justin PipeEngland£140,500
33Jermaine WattimenaNetherlands£129,750
34Chris DobeyEngland£125,500
35Vincent van der VoortNetherlands£116,000
36Dimitri van den BerghBelgium£109,250
37Brendan DolanNorthern Ireland£108,750
38Max HoppGermany£104,250
39Christian KistNetherlands£101,250
40Mark WebsterWales£98,250
41Keegan BrownEngland£93,750
42Jan DekkerNetherlands£91,750
45James RichardsonEngland£84,250
46Ronny HuybrechtsBelgium£79,250
47Ron MeulenkampNetherlands£75,000
48Jeffrey de ZwaanNetherlands£68,500
49Willie O ConnorIreland£67,750
50Martin SchindlerGermany£67,500
51Kevin PainterEngland£67,250
52Robbie GreenEngland£64,750
53Josh PayneEngland£64,500
54Ricky EvansEngland£63,500
55Antonio AlcinasSpain£59,500
56Zoran LerchbacherAustria£59,500
57Terry JenkinsEngland£59,250
60Jamie CavenEngland£52,000
62Andrew GildingEngland£46,500
63Devon PetersenSouth Africa£45,000
64Rowby John RodriguezAustria£44,750
66Michael MansellNorthern Ireland£41,000
67Paul NicholsonAustralia£39,250
68Darren JohnsonEngland£38,750
70Joe MurnanEngland£35,750
72Kirk ShepherdEngland£30,500
73Krzysztof RatajskiPoland£30,500
74Robert OwenWales£29,250
80Nathan AspinallEngland£25,000
81Dave PallettEngland£23,750
83Jamie BainScotland£21,750
84Michael BarnardEngland£21,250
85Steve HineEngland£20,750
87Alan TabernEngland£18,500
90Wayne JonesEngland£17,250
91Paul RowleyEngland£16,750
92Robert MarijanovicCroatia£16,250
94Ross SmithEngland£16,250
95John PartCanada£16,000
97Matt EdgarEngland£15,750
99Andy BoultonEngland£13,250
100Luke WoodhouseEngland£13,250
101Aden KirkEngland£13,250
103Dirk van DuijvenbodeNetherlands£12,250
105Maik LangendorfAustria£11,750
107Adam HuntEngland£11,000
108Ronnie BaxterEngland£10,250
109Tytus KanikPoland£9,500
112Michael RasztovitsAustria£8,250
113Arron MonkEngland£7,500
116Ross TwellEngland£7,000
119Prakash JiwaIndia£6,750
129Vincent KamphuisNetherlands£5,500
130Ryan HarringtonEngland£5,250
136Tony NewellEngland£4,250
137Mike de DeckerBelgium£4,250
146Barrie BatesWales£3,250
149Matt PadgettEngland£3,000
154Mark DudbridgeEngland£2,750
164Terry TempleEngland£2,000
167Stuart KellettEngland£2,000
173Alex RoyEngland£1,750
177Ricky WilliamsEngland£1,250
178Mark WalshEngland£1,250
183Lee EvansEngland£1,000
186Matthew DennantEngland£1,000
190Andy JenkinsEngland£1,000
193Michael RosenauerGermany£1,000
196Magnus CarisSweden£1,000
199Mareno MichelsNetherlands£1,000
200Roxy James RodriguezAustria£1,000
204Antony LopezGibraltar£1,000
211Jim WalkerScotland£750
212Brett ClaydonEngland£750
214Eddie DootsonEngland£750
220Mark FrostEngland£500
221Dave LadleyEngland£500
225Scott DaleEngland£250
229Curtis HammondEngland£250
232Ryan de VreedeNetherlands£250
237Jay ForemanEngland£250
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