Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor, nicknamed “The Power” is one of the founders of the PDC. In this corporation he has won more than 82 major tournaments of which 16 are World Championships. He has won more than twice as many tournaments as the number two on this list. Taylor is considered to be the best darts player of all time.

PDC World Championship Game - PS2Winmau Navigator 3 - 24 gramRichie George Tungston Darts - 23 gramWinmau Navigator 3 - 22 gram
PDC World Championship Game - PS2Winmau Navigator 3 - 24 gramRichie George Tungston Darts - 23 gramWinmau Navigator 3 - 22 gram

Like many darts players, Taylore started his carreer in the BDO. Due to decreasing tv coverage and the loss of sponsors, Taylor amongst others decided to split up and form their own organisation which was then called WDC (World Darts Council), later the PDC. From 1993 till now, Taylor has won 16 PDC World Championships.

BDO World Championship
Jagermeister OpenWinner2011
Killarney Pro TourWinner2012
Melbourne MastersWinner2019
Northern Ireland OpenWinner2005
Norway OpenWinner2005
Open HollandWinner2006, 2007
Open NederhemertWinner2011
Open WillemstadWinner2013
PDC Austrian Darts OpenWinner2013, 2017, 2019
PDC Development Tour EnglandWinner2011 (x3)
PDC Development Tour IrelandWinner2011
PDC Dutch Darts MastersWinner2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
PDC European Darts Grand PrixWinner2016, 2018
PDC European Darts Open
Lancashire OpenWinner2009
Lytham St Annes OpenWinner2010
Oldham OpenWinner2010
PDC Danish OpenWinner2019
PDC German Darts ChampionshipWinner2013
PDPA Players Championship BarnsleyWinner2012, 2013 (x2), 2015, 2016, 2017
PDPA Players Championship CrawleyWinner2011, 2012 (x3)
PDPA Players Championship ReadingWinner2012
PDPA Players Championship WiganWinner2019 (x2)
St Joseph Club OpenWinner2011
Staffordshire ClassicWinner2013
Welsh MastersWinner2009

Dutch OpenWinner2008
Killarney Pro TourWinner2013
PDC European Darts OpenWinner2015
PDPA Players Championship IrelandWinner2012
PDPA Players Championship ScotlandWinner2009
PDPA Players Championship WiganWinner2013, 2014 (x3)
Portland OpenWinner2009
Revesby Workers Club OpenWinner2010
Scottish MastersWinner2007
UK Open QualifierWinner2013
UK Open Scottish Regional FinalWinner2009

PDPA Players Championship AustriaWinner2009
PDPA Players Championship BarnsleyWinner2015 (x2)
PDPA Players Championship CrawleyWinner2010
PDPA Players Championship GermanyWinner2010
PDPA Players Championship IrelandWinner2009, 2013
PDPA Players Championship Milton KeynesWinner2017
PDPA Players Championship ScotlandWinner2005, 2006
PDPA Players Championship WiganWinner2019
UK Open QualifierWinner2011, 2015, 2016
UK Open Scottish Regional FinalWinner2005

Ball Green Christmas KOWinner2010
Chatterley Whitfield OpenWinner2010
Denmark OpenWinner2009
East Midlands OpenWinner2013
England National ChampionshipsWinner2009
PDC Dutch Darts ChampionshipWinner2018
PDC Dutch Darts MastersWinner2019
PDC European Darts Grand PrixWinner2019
PDPA Players Championship BarnsleyWinner2013, 2016 (x3), 2018, 2020
PDPA Players Championship CoventryWinner2014
PDPA Players Championship IrelandWinner2015
PDPA Players Championship Milton KeynesWinner2018
PDPA Players Championship WiganWinner2013
Pitgreen Lane Christmas KO
Killarney Pro TourWinner2012
Melbourne MastersWinner2018
PDC European Darts Grand PrixWinner2017
PDC European Darts OpenWinner2014, 2017
PDC German Darts ChampionshipWinner2017
PDC German Darts Masters World SeriesWinner2017, 2019
PDC German OpenWinner2017
PDC International Darts OpenWinner2017
PDC Summer SeriesWinner2020
PDPA Players Championship BarnsleyWinner2015, 2016, 2018, 2019 (x3)
PDPA Players Championship CoventryWinner2015 (x2)
PDPA Players Championship Crawley
PDPA Players Championship WiganWinner2018, 2020
UK Open QualifierWinner2017 (x3)

Antwerp OpenWinner2005, 2006, 2007
Bob Anderson ClassicWinner2004
Bobby Bourn Memorial TrophyWinner2009
Killarney Pro TourWinner2008
Open Hotel ZwartewaterWinner2005, 2006
Open Oust NederlandWinner2003
PDPA Players Championship BarnsleyWinner2015
PDPA Players Championship CrawleyWinner2014
PDPA Players Championship Hayling IslandWinner2007
Sunparks MastersWinner2005
Swindon OpenWinner2006
UK Open QualifierWinner2012

International Darts LeagueQuarter Final2006
Las Vegas Desert ClassicWinner2002, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009
British ProfessionalLast 321988
British MatchplayFinal1991
Antwerp Darts TrophyWinner2008
Antwerp OpenWinner1997, 1998
Australian OpenWinner2012
Battle of the ChampionsWinner1997
Berlin OpenWinner1993
Bobby Bourn Memorial TrophyWinner2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
British PentathlonWinner1990, 1991
Canadian Open
Championship of DartsWinner2008, 2011, 2012, 2013
China Telecom CupWinner2004
Dartgala HengeloWinner2005 (x3)
Denmark OpenWinner1990
DPA Tournament of ChampionsWinner2012
Eastbourne ProWinner2002
Emperors Palace South African MastersWinner2007, 2008, 2009
Finnish OpenWinner1990
Gleneagle Irish MastersWinner2009
Golden Harvest North American CupWinner2000, 2001, 2002, 2003
Hemeco Open RosmalenWinner2009, 2011
Ireland Open Autumn ClassicWinner2004, 2005
Isle Of Man OpenWinner1990
Japan Darts Masters

Best Results

Auckland Darts Masters 2015-08-30 Semi Final
Sydney Masters 2015-08-22 Winner
Perth Darts Masters 2015-08-16 Winner
World Matchplay 2015-07-25 Semi Final
Players Championship 14 2015-07-05 Last 16
Players Championship 13 2015-07-04 Last 16
Japan Darts Masters 2015-06-28 Winner
Dubai Darts Masters 2015-05-29 Final
Players Championship 12 2015-05-21 Last 16
Players Championship 11 2015-05-20 Last 16
Players Championship 9 2015-05-17 Last 32
Players Championship 8 2015-05-16 Winner
UK Open Finals 2015-03-06 Quarter Final
UK Open Qualifier 6 2015-02-22 Winner
UK Open Qualifier 5 2015-02-21 Last 64
UK Open Qualifier 4 2015-02-20 Semi Final
The Masters 2015-02-01 Last 16
World Championship 2015-01-04 Final
Players Championship Finals 2014-11-27 Quarter Final
Grand Slam of Darts 2014-11-07 Winner
The Masters 2014-11-02 Semi Final
European Championship 2014-11-01 Last 16
World Grand Prix 2014-10-04 Quarter Final
Austrian Darts Open 2014-09-20 Quarter Final
Sydney Masters 2014-08-22 Winner
Perth Darts Masters 2014-08-16 Winner
World Matchplay 2014-07-18 Winner
Dubai Darts Masters 2014-05-29 Quarter Final
Premier League Darts Play Offs 2014-05-21 Semi Final
German Darts Masters 2014-04-06 Winner
Gibraltar Darts Trophy 2014-03-22 Last 32
UK Open Finals 2014-03-06 Last 64
World Championship 2014-01-04 Last 32
Players Championship Finals 2013-11-27 Final
Grand Slam of Darts 2013-11-07 Winner
The Masters 2013-11-03 Winner
European Championship 2013-11-01 Last 16
World Grand Prix 2013-10-04 Winner
Sydney Masters 2013-08-22 Winner
World Matchplay 2013-07-18 Winner
European Darts Open 2013-07-12 Last 32
Dubai Darts Masters 2013-05-29 Quarter Final
Premier League Darts Play Offs 2013-05-21 Final
Gibraltar Darts Trophy 2013-03-22 Winner
UK Open Finals 2013-03-06 Winner
World Championship 2013-01-04 Winner
Players Championship Finals 2012-11-27 Winner
Grand Slam of Darts 2012-11-07 Last 16
European Championship 2012-11-01 Quarter Final
World Grand Prix 2012-10-04 Last 16
Austrian Darts Open 2012-09-20 Last 64
World Matchplay 2012-07-18 Winner
Dutch Darts Masters 2012-06-07 Quarter Final
Premier League Darts Play Offs 2012-05-21 Winner
German Darts Masters 2012-04-06 Last 64
UK Open Finals 2012-03-06 Final
German Darts Championship 2012-02-15 Winner
World Championship 2012-01-04 Last 32
Players Championship Finals 2011-11-27 Last 16
Players Championship Finals (2) 2011-11-27 Winner
Grand Slam of Darts 2011-11-07 Winner
European Championship 2011-11-01 Winner
World Grand Prix 2011-10-04 Winner
World Matchplay 2011-07-18 Winner
Premier League Darts Play Offs 2011-05-21 Semi Final
UK Open Finals 2011-03-06 Last 16
World Championship 2011-01-04 Quarter Final
Players Championship Finals 2010-11-27 Semi Final
Grand Slam of Darts 2010-11-07 Quarter Final
European Championship 2010-11-01 Winner
World Grand Prix 2010-10-04 Semi Final
World Matchplay 2010-07-18 Winner
Premier League Darts Play Offs 2010-05-21 Winner
UK Open Finals 2010-03-06 Winner
World Championship 2010-01-04 Winner
Players Championship Finals 2009-11-27 Winner
Grand Slam of Darts 2009-11-07 Winner
European Championship 2009-11-01 Winner
World Grand Prix 2009-10-04 Winner
World Matchplay 2009-07-18 Winner
Premier League Darts Play Offs 2009-05-21 Semi Final
UK Open Finals 2009-03-06 Winner
German Darts Championship 2009-02-15 Winner
World Championship 2009-01-04 Winner
Grand Slam of Darts 2008-11-07 Winner
European Championship 2008-11-01 Winner
World Grand Prix 2008-10-04 Winner
World Matchplay 2008-07-18 Winner
Premier League Darts Play Offs 2008-05-21 Winner
UK Open Finals 2008-03-06 Quarter Final
German Darts Championship 2008-02-15 Final
World Championship 2008-01-04 Quarter Final
Grand Slam of Darts 2007-11-07 Winner
World Grand Prix 2007-10-04 Last 32
World Matchplay 2007-07-18 Semi Final
Premier League Darts Play Offs 2007-05-21 Winner
UK Open Finals 2007-03-06 Quarter Final
German Darts Championship 2007-02-15 Winner
World Championship 2007-01-04 Final
World Grand Prix 2006-10-04 Winner
World Matchplay 2006-07-18 Winner
Premier League Darts Play Offs 2006-05-21 Winner
UK Open Finals 2006-03-06 Quarter Final
World Championship 2006-01-04 Winner
World Grand Prix 2005-10-04 Winner
World Matchplay 2005-07-18 Quarter Final
Premier League Darts Play Offs 2005-05-21 Winner
UK Open Finals 2005-03-06 Winner
World Championship 2005-01-04 Winner
World Grand Prix 2004-10-04 Last 32
World Matchplay 2004-07-18 Winner
UK Open Finals 2004-03-06 Quarter Final
World Championship 2004-01-04 Winner
World Grand Prix 2003-10-04 Winner
World Matchplay 2003-07-18 Winner
UK Open Finals 2003-03-06 Winner
World Championship 2003-01-04 Final
World Grand Prix 2002-10-04 Winner
World Matchplay 2002-07-18 Winner
World Championship 2002-01-04 Winner
World Grand Prix 2001-10-04 Last 32
World Matchplay 2001-07-18 Winner
World Championship 2001-01-04 Winner
World Grand Prix 2000-10-04 Winner
World Matchplay 2000-07-18 Winner
World Championship 2000-01-04 Winner
World Grand Prix 1999-10-04 Winner
World Matchplay 1999-07-18 Semi Final
World Championship 1999-01-04 Winner
World Grand Prix 1998-10-04 Winner
World Matchplay 1998-07-18 Quarter Final
World Championship 1998-01-04 Winner
World Matchplay 1997-07-18 Winner
World Championship 1997-01-04 Winner
World Matchplay 1996-07-18 Last 16
World Championship 1996-01-04 Winner
World Matchplay 1995-07-18 Winner
World Championship 1995-01-04 Winner
World Matchplay 1994-07-18 Last 16
World Championship 1994-01-04 Final
Phil Taylor

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Phil Taylor

Nickname:The Power
Home Town:Stoke
Fav double:20
Darts:26g Target Power 9Five
PDC Ranking:4
Red Dragon:4
Music:Snap - The Power
Twitter:PhilTaylor (2nd)
Former Job:Factory Worker
Tour Card:Yes; 2011-2017