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Michael van Gerwen; Mighty Mike (34)
PDC Ranking: 1; Red Dragon Ranking: 2
Michael van Gerwen is a professional darts player from the Netherlands, currently playingh in the PDC. In 2014 Might Mike became the youngest to player ever to win the World Championships. After this win he was also ranked number one in the...
Peter Wright; Snake Bite (53)
PDC Ranking: 2; Red Dragon Ranking: 3
Scotsman Peter Wright always makes a colourfull appearance at the oche due to his wild hair style and eccentric clothes. Nevertheless, Wright or “Snakebite” has been in the top of the PDC for quite some years, although he almost never wins a...
Gerwyn Price; The Iceman (38)
PDC Ranking: 3; Red Dragon Ranking: 1
Career earnings: .1,497,803
Phil Taylor; The Power (63)
PDC Ranking: 4; Red Dragon Ranking: 4
Phil Taylor, nicknamed “The Power” is one of the founders of the PDC. In this corporation he has won more than 82 major tournaments of which 16 are World Championships. He has won more than twice as many tournaments as the number two on this...
Michael Smith; Bully Boy (33)
PDC Ranking: 5; Red Dragon Ranking: 8
Michael Smith's rise to fame came quickly when he beat Phil Taylor in a second round match of the 2014 World Championship. He finished in style with bull's eye for a 128 finish. Right after this match inexperienced Smith lost to Peter...
Nathan Aspinall (32)
PDC Ranking: 6; Red Dragon Ranking: 4
Career earnings: .607,925
Daryl Gurney; SuperChin (37)
PDC Ranking: 7; Red Dragon Ranking: 12
Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Career earnings: .1,359,200
Gary Anderson; The Flying Scotsman (52)
PDC Ranking: 8; Red Dragon Ranking: 7
Gary Anderson is a Scottish darts player who reached and won the finals of the PDC world championship 2015 beating Phil Taylor (7 sets to 6). After a successful carreer in the BDO, Anderson switched to the PDC in 2009. Soon the “Flying Scotsman”...
James Wade; The Machine (40)
PDC Ranking: 9; Red Dragon Ranking: 9
James Wade “The Machine” switched from the BDO to the PDC in 2004. Ever since, Wade has won the World Match Play (2007), The World Grand Prix (2007,2010), the Premier League in 2009, the UK Open in 2008 and 2011 and The Masters in 2014.
Ian White; Diamond (53)
PDC Ranking: 10; Red Dragon Ranking: 5
Ian White switched sides in 2010. Ever Since White has been a consistent force amongst the top players of the PDC. Although he has not won a PDC Major tournament yet, White won the Antwerp Open, Denmark Open and the English National Championship,...
Dave Chisnall; Chizzy (43)
PDC Ranking: 11; Red Dragon Ranking: 45
“Chizzy” is one of the few players that has beaten Phil Taylor pre-2012. He knocked out the Power in the 2012 PDC world championship. Howver Chisnall lost to Andy Hamilton in the very next round.
Mensur Suljovic; The Gentle (51)
PDC Ranking: 12; Red Dragon Ranking: 25
Vienna, Austria
Career earnings: .1,418,867
Adrian Lewis; Jackpot (38)
PDC Ranking: 13; Red Dragon Ranking: 24
Adrian Lewis (nickname: Jackpot) is a well decorated darts player from Stoke-on-Trent, England. Lewis made his PDC tv debut in 2004 during the UK Open. In 2011 Lewis became world champion by beating Gary Anderson in the finals (7-5). During...
Simon Whitlock; The Wizard (54)
PDC Ranking: 14; Red Dragon Ranking: 56
Long haired, goatie and the eyes of a maniac, professional darter Simon Whitlock from Australia is a remarkable appearance at the oche. During his long carreer Whitlock has made the switch from BDO to the PDC a few times. He has been very succesfull...
Johnny Clayton; The Ferret (48)
PDC Ranking: 15; Red Dragon Ranking: 13
Career earnings: .524,300
Stephen Bunting; The Bullet (38)
PDC Ranking: 16; Red Dragon Ranking: 23
Stephen Bunting is one of newest top players in the PDC. After a successfull carreer in the BDO, the Bullet decided to switch sides in early 2014. Due to his good BDO results, Bunting was granted a tour card immediately. He reached the quarter...
Joe Cullen; Rockstar (34)
PDC Ranking: 17; Red Dragon Ranking: 33
Bradford, England
Career earnings: .680,344
Krzysztof Ratajski (46)
PDC Ranking: 18; Red Dragon Ranking: 6
Skarzysko-Kamienna, Poland
Career earnings: .424,105
Chris Dobey; Hollywood (33)
PDC Ranking: 20; Red Dragon Ranking: 38
Bedlington, England
Career earnings: .384,750
Jeffrey de Zwaan; The Black Cobra (27)
PDC Ranking: 21; Red Dragon Ranking: 39
Career earnings: .348,294
Mervyn King; The King (57)
PDC Ranking: 22; Red Dragon Ranking: 58
Mervyn King only switched from the BDO to the PDC in 2007. The King has been playing darts since 1979 and has won several important tournaments during his long carreer. When playing in the BDO, King won the World Masters of 2004, the 2005 International...
Jermaine Wattimena (35)
PDC Ranking: 23; Red Dragon Ranking: 69
Career earnings: .398,427
Max Hopp; Maximiser (27)
PDC Ranking: 24; Red Dragon Ranking: 224
Idstein, Germany
Career earnings: .439,148
Steve Beaton; Bronze Adonis (59)
PDC Ranking: 25; Red Dragon Ranking: 43
Steve Beaton has had a long darts carreer so far. After playing in the BDO from 1992 until 2001, Beaton made the step to the PDC in 2002. The “Bronzed Adonis” won the BDO World championship of 1996 and the World Masters in 1993.
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